KMC Jobs Advt 59 Medical Officer Recruitment 2023 – 2024

Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is the local governing body responsible for administering and managing the affairs of Kolkata, the capital city of the Indian state of West Bengal. It is one of the oldest municipal corporations in India, established in 1876 during British colonial rule. The primary objective of the KMC is to provide essential civic services and ensure the overall development and well-being of the city and its residents.

Key Functions and Responsibilities:

1. Civic Services: KMC is responsible for providing a range of basic civic amenities and services to the residents of Kolkata. This includes water supply, sanitation, waste management, street lighting, and maintenance of public infrastructure like roads, parks, and markets.

2. Health and Education: The corporation manages public health facilities, hospitals, and dispensaries to cater to the medical needs of the citizens. Additionally, KMC plays a role in the administration of primary education and educational institutions within its jurisdiction.

3. Urban Planning and Development: KMC is involved in urban planning, development, and building regulation to ensure orderly growth and development of the city. It also grants building permits and oversees construction activities to maintain compliance with building codes and safety standards.

4. Revenue Generation: The corporation is responsible for collecting property taxes, license fees, and other revenues to fund its operations and implement various development projects.

5. Birth and Death Registration: KMC manages the registration of births and deaths within the city and issues relevant certificates.

6. Public Welfare Initiatives: The corporation often initiates and implements various welfare schemes and programs to assist marginalized and vulnerable sections of the population.

Structure and Governance:

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation is headed by a Mayor who is elected by the city’s residents through local elections. The Mayor is the highest-ranking official in the corporation and oversees its functioning. The Mayor is supported by a council of elected representatives known as councilors or corporators, who represent different wards within the city.


Like any large metropolitan city, Kolkata faces several challenges, and the KMC has its share of obstacles to overcome. Some of these challenges include rapid urbanization, traffic congestion, waste management, environmental pollution, and providing adequate infrastructure and services to a growing population.

Despite the challenges, Kolkata Municipal Corporation continues to work towards the betterment of the city, striving to improve the quality of life for its residents and create a sustainable and vibrant urban environment.

KMC Vacancy Details:-

When a job vacancy specifies “Apply Mode: Walk-in Interview,” it means that interested candidates can directly appear for an interview at a specified date, time, and venue without the need to submit an application beforehand. Unlike the traditional application process, where candidates submit their applications online or through other means and are shortlisted for interviews later, a walk-in interview allows candidates to present themselves in person for immediate evaluation.

Walk-in interviews are often conducted by organizations when they have an urgent hiring requirement or when they wish to assess candidates quickly for specific positions. This mode of recruitment is commonly used for positions that require immediate joining or for roles where the hiring process can be completed in a shorter time frame.

“KMC Vacancy Details: Medical Officer – 59 Posts”

In this specific announcement, KMC (Kolkata Municipal Corporation) has advertised a total of 59 job openings for the position of “Medical Officer.” The Medical Officer role in the context of a municipal corporation typically involves providing medical services and healthcare support to residents of the city. The primary responsibilities may include:

1. Offering medical consultations and treatment to patients visiting municipal healthcare centers, hospitals, or clinics.

2. Diagnosing and treating common illnesses and minor injuries.

3. Conducting medical check-ups and preventive health screenings.

4. Administering vaccinations and immunizations as per the prescribed guidelines.

5. Collaborating with other medical staff and professionals to ensure comprehensive healthcare services.

6. Maintaining medical records and documentation of patients’ health histories.

7. Participating in health awareness programs and campaigns organized by the municipal corporation.

The eligibility criteria, qualifications, experience requirements, and other relevant details for the Medical Officer position would likely be provided separately in the job advertisement. Interested candidates who fulfill the criteria can attend the walk-in interview at the specified venue and time to compete for the available positions. It’s essential for candidates to bring their relevant documents, certificates, and curriculum vitae (CV) for the interview process. Successful candidates in the interview may be offered employment as Medical Officers in Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

Qualification Required:-

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) requires candidates to meet specific qualification criteria to be eligible for jobs within the organization. As per the provided description:

Qualification Required: Candidates who are willing to apply for KMC jobs must possess an MBBS degree from any recognized board or institution.


1. Minimum Qualification: The minimum educational requirement for candidates applying for jobs in the Kolkata Municipal Corporation is an MBBS degree. MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, and it is a fundamental medical degree pursued by individuals aspiring to become doctors.

2. Recognized Board or Institution: The MBBS degree should be obtained from a recognized board or institution. In India, medical education is overseen and accredited by organizations such as the Medical Council of India (MCI) or the respective State Medical Councils. Candidates should ensure that the board or institution from which they obtained their MBBS degree is recognized by these authorities.

To summarize, to be eligible for jobs in the Kolkata Municipal Corporation, candidates must have completed their MBBS degree from a recognized board or institution. Meeting this educational qualification is essential for candidates aspiring to apply for various roles, such as Medical Officers or other medical-related positions within the organization. Additionally, candidates may need to fulfill other specific requirements, as mentioned in the official job notification or advertisement issued by KMC for the respective job openings.

Age Limit:-

The provided information states that the maximum age limit for candidates applying for jobs is 67 years as of August 1, 2023. This means that candidates who are older than 67 years on or before August 1, 2023, would not be eligible to apply for these jobs.

It’s worth mentioning that age limitations can vary depending on the specific job, company, or organization’s policies and regulations. Therefore, it is always essential for job seekers to carefully review the eligibility criteria mentioned in the official job postings or announcements to ensure they meet the age requirements before applying for any position.


The description “Salary-Rs. 24,000/- Per Month as per organization norms” indicates the monthly salary offered for a particular job or position in an organization. Let’s break down the description:

1. Salary: The term “Salary” refers to the compensation or remuneration paid to an employee by an employer for their work and services.

2. Rs. 24,000/-: “Rs.” stands for Indian Rupees, the currency used in India. “24,000/-” specifies the amount of salary, which is twenty-four thousand Indian Rupees.

3. Per Month: The salary is paid on a monthly basis, which means the employee will receive this amount every month as part of their compensation.

4. Organization norms: The phrase “as per organization norms” suggests that the salary of Rs. 24,000/- per month is in accordance with the established norms, policies, or standards of the organization offering the job. This implies that the salary is set based on the organization’s internal guidelines and may be subject to change as per their rules and regulations.

It’s important to note that the salary mentioned is specific to the organization and job position stated. Salaries can vary significantly based on factors such as job role, level of experience, location, industry, and the financial capacity of the organization. Additionally, benefits and allowances may also be provided in addition to the basic salary, which can further impact the overall compensation package offered to the employee. As such, candidates should always refer to the official job offer or consult with the organization’s HR department to get a comprehensive understanding of the salary package and other employment terms.

Walkin Interview Venue:-

The Walk-in Interview Venue is located at:

Room No. 254, 2nd floor, PMU (Project Management Unit),

Kolkata City NUHM (National Urban Health Mission) Society,

5, S.N. Banerjee Road,


In this context, a “Walk-in Interview” refers to a type of job interview where candidates can directly visit the specified venue on a given date and time without a prior appointment. It is a more informal process that allows interested candidates to showcase their qualifications and skills directly to the potential employer.

The specific address provided indicates that the interview will take place at Room No. 254, which is situated on the 2nd floor of the Project Management Unit (PMU) within the Kolkata City National Urban Health Mission Society. The complete address is 5, S.N. Banerjee Road, Kolkata-700013.

Candidates who are interested in the job opportunity should arrive at the venue at the scheduled time, along with their resume, relevant documents, and any other materials that may be required for the interview. It’s advisable to reach the location a bit earlier to allow time for any necessary formalities and to ensure a smooth interview process.

Remarkable Date:-

The remarkable date mentioned is the “Date of Interview: 04-08-2023.”

On this particular day, the organization or company conducting the interviews will be evaluating and interviewing candidates for a specific job position. This date is significant as it marks the opportunity for job seekers to present themselves, showcase their qualifications, skills, and experience to potential employers.

For candidates who have applied for the job, the date of the interview is crucial as it could potentially lead to securing the job offer. It is essential for candidates to be well-prepared, dressed professionally, and equipped with all the necessary documents and information relevant to the interview.

The interview process is a vital step in the selection procedure for any job, and it allows employers to assess candidates’ suitability for the position, their communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and cultural fit within the organization.

If you have been scheduled for an interview on this date, it’s essential to research the organization, practice common interview questions, and demonstrate enthusiasm and confidence during the interview. Additionally, make sure to confirm the interview location and arrive a little earlier to avoid any potential delays.

Official Website:-

The official website of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is

The website serves as the primary online platform for the municipal corporation and provides valuable information and services to the residents of Kolkata. It is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to the public, allowing them to access various resources and engage with the civic authorities.

Key features and information available on the official website may include:

1. Home Page: The homepage typically offers an overview of the latest news, announcements, and important updates from the Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

2. About KMC: This section provides details about the history, mission, and objectives of the Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

3. Services: The website presents a comprehensive list of services provided by KMC, ranging from online utility bill payment to property tax details, birth and death certificate registration, trade licenses, and other civic amenities.

4. Notices and Tenders: Important notices, advertisements, and tenders related to various projects and initiatives undertaken by the corporation are typically posted on the website.

5. Contact Information: The website offers contact details of different departments, officials, and helplines to enable citizens to reach out for queries, complaints, or feedback.

6. News and Events: This section may contain updates on events, public campaigns, and awareness programs organized by KMC.

7. Online Forms: Certain services may require online forms to be filled out, which can be accessed and submitted through the website.

8. Health and Sanitation: Information related to health services, vaccination drives, and sanitation initiatives taken by the corporation to maintain public health may be provided.

9. Urban Planning and Development: Details about ongoing or upcoming urban development projects, infrastructural improvements, and city planning initiatives may be included.

10. E-Governance: The website might offer e-governance services that enable citizens to access information and avail various services online.

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Q: How can I apply for a job at Kolkata Municipal Corporation?

A: To apply for a job at Kolkata Municipal Corporation, you need to keep an eye on their official website ( or check for job advertisements in leading newspapers or online job portals. When a job opening is announced, it will usually include details on how to apply, including the application process and required documents. Follow the instructions provided in the job advertisement to submit your application.

Q: What are the contact details for Kolkata Municipal Corporation’s helpline?

A: The contact details for Kolkata Municipal Corporation’s helpline can be found on their official website. These details may include phone numbers, email addresses, or a dedicated helpline for specific services or departments. You can also visit the corporation’s main office or the nearest regional office to inquire about the helpline numbers.

Q: How can I pay my property tax online through the KMC website?

A: To pay your property tax online through the Kolkata Municipal Corporation’s website, follow these steps:

   1. Visit the official website (

   2. Look for the “Online Services” or “Property Tax” section.

   3. Select the option for online property tax payment.

   4. Enter your property details and assessment number (available on your property tax bill).

   5. Verify the details and calculate the tax amount.

   6. Choose a payment method (credit card, debit card, net banking, etc.) and complete the payment process.

Q: How can I obtain a birth certificate from Kolkata Municipal Corporation?

A: To obtain a birth certificate from Kolkata Municipal Corporation, follow these steps:

   1. Visit the official website (

   2. Look for the “Online Services” or “Birth Certificate” section.

   3. Select the option for birth certificate issuance.

   4. Fill in the required details of the child, parents, and birth date.

   5. Upload any necessary documents, such as proof of birth and identity documents.

   6. Submit the application and pay any applicable fees.

   7. Once the application is processed, you will receive the birth certificate by post or can collect it from the designated office.

Q: Where can I find information about ongoing development projects in Kolkata?

A: Information about ongoing development projects in Kolkata can be found on the Kolkata Municipal Corporation’s official website ( Look for sections related to “Projects” or “Initiatives,” where you can find details about various development projects and their progress.

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